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Your Path To Retiring From Real Estate With EXP Realty

Are you a dedicated real estate agent looking to secure your financial future and create a solid revenue stream for retirement? Look no further! The Super Agents Collaborative, in partnership with EXP Realty, offers a unique opportunity to build multiple revenue streams while fostering a strong referral group both nationally and internationally.

Retiring from real estate doesn't have to be a daunting prospect.

With the Super Agents Collaborative, you can harness the power of collaboration and generate passive income through revenue sharing. Our cutting-edge platform allows agents to capitalize on their network and refer business across the country, unlocking a world of opportunities.

Why Choose the Super Agents Collaborative?

  • Revenue Share with EXP Realty

  • By joining the Super Agents Collaborative, you'll become a part of EXP Realty's innovative revenue-sharing program. EXP Realty's progressive business model enables agents to earn a share of the company's revenue by attracting new agents to the brokerage. This means you'll continue to receive a steady stream of income even after you retire from actively selling real estate.

  • Multiple Revenue Streams

  • Diversification is the key to financial stability, and we understand the importance of having multiple sources of income. With the Super Agents Collaborative, you'll have access to various revenue streams, allowing you to build a robust financial foundation for your retirement.

  • National and International Partnerships

  • Our collaborative approach extends beyond borders. We bring together top agents from various regions and countries, creating a strong referral network that spans the globe. Leverage these valuable connections to expand your reach and increase your earning potential.

  • Tap into EXP Realty's Success

  • EXP Realty has consistently been at the forefront of real estate innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technology and a forward-thinking approach. As a partner with EXP Realty, you'll benefit from their established success and gain a competitive edge in the real estate market.

  • Supportive Community

  • At the Super Agents Collaborative, we value camaraderie and a sense of community. Our platform fosters collaboration and provides a supportive environment for agents to thrive and succeed together.

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How It Works

Take the First Step Towards a Prosperous Retirement:

Ready to retire from real estate with confidence? Embrace the future of real estate with the Super Agents Collaborative and build a strong referral group that generates multiple revenue streams. Join our community today and secure your financial freedom tomorrow.

  • Join the Collaborative

  • Sign up to become a member of the Super Agents Collaborative and gain access to EXP Realty's revenue-sharing program.

  • Leverage Your Network

  •  Refer talented agents from your network to join EXP Realty. As they succeed, so do you, earning a share of the revenue they generate.

  • Expand Your Reach

  • Tap into our extensive network of top agents to refer clients and receive referrals from agents in other regions or countries.

  • Secure Your Retirement

  • As your revenue share grows, you'll build a reliable and substantial income stream, providing financial security during your retirement years. 

  • All This Without Having To Join A Real Estate Board

  • ...MLS Platform, or pay any of the fees associated with running a real estate business. Simply hang your license with eXp for $600 per year. This is a true retirement from real estate. 

    Don't wait! Discover how the Super Agents Collaborative can revolutionize your real estate career and set you on the path to a prosperous retirement. Get in touch with us today to explore this incredible opportunity.

    Your future awaits!

    Introducing a Lucrative Break from Traditional Real Estate with eXp Realty’s Referral Division

    Are you a seasoned real estate agent seeking a refreshing escape from the everyday grind of conventional real estate, all while maintaining a steady income stream? Look no further than eXp Realty’s dynamic Referral Division—an avenue tailor-made for professionals like you. This innovative division empowers agents to effortlessly refer potential clients to their peers and reap the rewards through a fee or a percentage of the earned commission. So, what exactly is the eXp Referral Division, and how does it operate? In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the finer details of this division—unveiling its distinct advantages, exploring its financial structure, and shedding light on the seamless transition process for agents making the shift from eXp Realty to Referral. Whether you're yearning for a respite from the conventional real estate landscape or are keen to explore fresh horizons, the eXp Referral Division extends a remarkable opportunity. As you continue to harness your expertise, you can direct promising clients to other adept agents while still enjoying a fulfilling income. Continue reading to uncover the potential of this enticing opportunity, meticulously designed to elevate your journey as a real estate virtuoso. Agents operating within the Referral Division experience unparalleled agility across all 50 U.S. states, all the while unburdened by any affiliations with the MLS or REALTOR® associations. With a modest $50 monthly fee, the commission splits stand at an advantageous 75/25 for referrals to eXp agents and 70/30 for non-eXp agents. Transitioning from eXp Realty to the Referral Division involves reaching out to the state broker team—a shift that relieves you from expenses like board membership dues, MLS services, state document portals, and errors and omission insurance. The good news? You can still accumulate Rev Share and carry over your hard-earned stock from your time in Realty or Commercial. But what truly defines the eXp Referral Division? Positioned within eXp Commercial, it’s a realm where agents can promptly operate across all 50 U.S. states and Washington DC, without being bound by the MLS or REALTOR® associations. While the opportunities for referral are boundless—encompassing purchases, sales, and property leasing—agents in this division are precluded from acting as representatives for other parties or engaging in activities necessitating a real estate license. Contemplating a move to the eXp Referral Division? Here are a few key considerations. While your access to MLS and statewide forms will be restricted, it’s worth noting that you won't be able to represent family members in property transactions either. Additionally, affiliations with teams must be relinquished as no teams currently exist within the Referral Division. Dive into the Super Agents Collaborative—an exclusive network that offers remarkable perks. By joining, you gain access to comprehensive marketing support for referral business within your state, across the nation, and even globally. Moreover, you’ll be plugged into exciting prospects such as resort and vacation homes, beachfront condo sales, and cutting-edge construction projects in some of the world's most coveted resort cities. Picture yourself guiding buyers to idyllic beachfronts, all while earning commissions by simply introducing them to an eXp agent. This represents a revolutionary approach to global real estate referrals, of an unprecedented magnitude. Ultimately, the eXp Referral Division stands as a golden opportunity for agents to savor a well-deserved break from the routine of traditional real estate, all the while retaining an active real estate license under the aegis of a reputable broker. By seamlessly steering potential clients towards fellow agents, you not only unlock a consistent income source but also continue to benefit from Rev Share and stock earnings. Eager to uncover more about the remarkable eXp Referral Division? Reach out to an agent within the esteemed Super Agents Collaborative today and embark on a journey towards a more rewarding real estate future.

    -Barry Overton

    The Catalyst of Transformative Success for 3000 Agents in The Next 5 Years.

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